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Perfect mask fit: Which fabric face mask model fits my needs best?

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Fabric face masks are perfectly suited for everyday use: in public transport, in the office or when shopping. But which fit is comfortable? Which mask cut is easy to handle, which model is more suitable for spectacle wearers? In this blog post we share our design and functional expertise with you.


Wearing protective masks is a new phenomenon in Switzerland. Only since the certainty that we will have to live with the corona virus for the next few months has the number of supporters of wearing masks risen to over 50 percent.

As new as the topic is, people are uncertain or clueless when it comes to choosing the right product. And to be honest, there is no real choice at all - for a long-time protective surgical mask were reserved for medical personnel. With the new initiatives of the Swiss textile industry, slowly but surely a range of different products, shapes and models is emerging. 

Can face masks be both comfortable and safe?

Everything we do serves the purpose of surpassing the existing. We achieve this by constantly rethinking fashion since 1998. We have been in the fashion business for corporate customers  for 22 years. Medical applications are well known to us - over the years we have been able to provide many teams of doctors and physiotherapists with workwear.

Hygiene mask CQ-M2 "Universal" the classic 

The cut is known to everyone from the news and looks like a "surgical mask": A rectangle with folds to pull off covers the nose and mouth down to the chin. Thanks to the pleats, this model can be offered in ONESize size and fits most people aged 12 and over. 

The advantages of this model:

  • high acceptance by the wearers
  • more suitable for spectacle wearers
  • easier handling for companies or families, because ONESize
  • good visibility thanks to ergonomic cut

Choice of attachment:

This model comes in two types:

CQ-M2a: Elastic ear loops (shown in the photo)

  • Advantage: easy to put on and take off
  • Disadvantage: pressure points behind the ears
  • Recommended for ladies and teenagers from 12 years on.

CQM2c: 4 fabric ties to be secured with bows behind your head

  • Advantage: more comfortable to wear
  • Disadvantage: ties must be tied behind the head
  • Recommended for all, especially for men.