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Care instructions: How do I wash my fabric face masks?

by Admin Admin

Basic instructions:

CQ products can be washed at 70° Celsius in the washing machine. Ironing with a steam iron increases the protective function of the fabric and disinfects the masks and filters.

Our hygiene concept consists of reusable

  • Masks
  • Masks
  • Laundry bags

  1. Preparation of new masks and filters: wash with light laundry at 40° Celsius and iron with a steam iron.
  2. Worn masks & filters wash in the laundry bag at 70°C (or less*) in the washing machine. Then iron with steam.

*To increase the lifespan of your fabric masks we recommend washing at lower temperatures. According to the World Health Organization, detergents destroy viruses.

For more information on the correct wearing of hygiene masks: How-to: How to use protective masks safely.