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How-to wear a protective face mask correctly: Hygienically through the day in 7 steps

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From discussions with doctors, nurses, pharmacists - people who must wear protective masks every day - we have incorporated the most important findings into our products. The result is more than a mask, but a safe hygiene concept for the new everyday life with the corona virus. At the core of the concept are the washable barrier masks, also known as community masks or fabric face masks.

How many layers or plies for optimal protection?

With 3 layers / 3-plies you are optimally protected. Our fabric face masks are sewn with 2 layers. The filter adds the 3rd layer. The filter is also washable. Important: Replace damp filters immediately and store in the laundry bag until washed.

What do I do with my worn face masks?

A laundry bag is supplied with the masks, which fulfils 3 functions simultaneously: It serves as a door handle hand protection, as transport packaging for the used masks and at the end of the day as a laundry bag.

Hygienically through everyday life in 7 steps

And this is how you proceed to move hygienically in public areas in 7 steps:

    1. personalize: Unpack your fabric face masks and personalize them with the permanent textile marker (e.g. name & day 1, day 2, etc.)
    2. preparation: ash the new masks with your light-colored laundry at 40° Celsius before the first use. Ironing with a steam iron increases the protective function of the fabric and disinfects the masks. Read more about the care of your masks.
    3. insert the filter: Open the mask and insert the filter. Once the filter is wet, replace it.
    4. put on the mask: Make sure the mask covers your nose and mouth completely. The mask covers your face from the bridge of your nose to under your chin. We offer different fits and fastening options. Try out which one is most comfortable for you.
    5. protective glove: The laundry bag also serves as a protective glove, e.g. for opening doors, operating the lift control etc.
    6. take off glove and mask: Turn the glove from the inside to the outside to close the dirty side. Keep the worn mask in the glove until you wash everything together.
    7. washing & ironing: Wash your mask laundry bags with all the worn masks and filters inside at 60-70°C (or less: for more information on care instructions) and iron the mask and filter with a steam iron for maximum protection.

What else is important for my protection?

Please do not forget that wearing a face mask is only one (important) part of the protective measures. Furthermore: whenever possible keep a distance of 2 meters, avoid crowds of people and wash and disinfect hands regularly.

How do I protect my hands from drying out?

Frequent hand washing is a strain on our skin. The disinfectants additionally dry out the skin. Therefore, we recommend two Swiss products for this important time of hand care: