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Fabric Face Masks by Chiquet®

CQ-M2a Universal: Safety Package 4 Adults

CQ-M2a / CQ-P1 / CQ-F1 / CQ-A1
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Package contents20x masks Universal, 40x filters, 8x laundry bags, 1x pen SizeOne-Size

The package for 4 people: a family with 2 children over 12, 4 work colleagues, or 4 roommates. We think: wearing is caring! This package includes:

  • 20 washable fabric face masks
  • 40 washable fabric filters
  • 8 laundry bags
  • 1 textile pin

Choose from the 2 fabric variants* (100% cotton – also suitable for allergy sufferers).

The laundry bag has it all! It serves as hand protection, when touching door latches, as well as a keep safe for the used masks until they are washed.

Our masks are non-certified, fabric face masks with barrier effect. Sewn in 2 layers, they become 3 layers together with the supplied, washable filter. These masks do not protect the wearer 100% against infection with corona viruses, but retain droplets, reduce direct contact with the face and serve as a reminder to keep the 2m distance.

Learn more about our high-quality fabric and the well-thought-out protection concept:

*CQ fabric concept: The masks are available in two fabric variants: For allergy sufferers in 100% cotton, 2-ply. The 2nd version is also 2-ply, while 100% cotton is also used for the inner fabric, the modern PolyCotton with Hydro-Tec coating is used for the outer fabric. The supplied filters are made of 100% cotton jersey and create the 3rd layer when used.

CQ hygiene concept: reusable & washable: The masks, filters and bags are washable at 60° to 70°C and therefore reusable for up to 3 months depending on use. Please change the filter at least once a day or as soon as it gets wet. In addition to the laundry bags, the set also includes a permanent textile pen, with which you can personalize your masks according to your needs.

CQ size concept suitable for most people: The fabric face mask model CQ-M2 is a unisex ONESize cut that fits all people from 12 years of age (rectangle with folds to take off, with masts folded of 9x18cm). The elastic ear loops meet the needs of adults and teenagers. The mask can be pulled out in both directions thanks to folds and will therefore cover half of your face. Thanks to the ergonomic cut around the eyes, your vision should not be impaired. For children under 12 years we recommend our mask model CQ-M1 XS Kids.

CQ Design: This fabric face mask captivates with its stylish simplicity and high-quality materials. The neon yellow seam appears fresh, lively, and cheeky. The ergonomic line around the eye area provides an optimized fit.

Use: The washable hygiene mask is suitable for many daily activities. As a positive side effect it can also protect against dust or pollen.

Package contents:
  • 20x masks Universal
  • 40x filters
  • 8x laundry bags
  • 1x pen