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Choice of fabric: which option offers which protection?

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Community mask, DIY masks, barrier masks, cloth masks - the names for protective masks made of fabric are as varied as the textiles from which they are sewn, professionally or less professionally.

Since governments in and outside of Europe have made the wearing of face coverings and masks mandatory in public places, DIY instructions, producers and suppliers have sprouted on the market. Researchers demand that the shortage of medical-grade masks should be bridged by self-made mouth-nose protection, scarves, and cloths.


Certified fabric face masks as a goal

As an innovatives textile company with 22 years of experience we decided very early on to use our expertise for the production of fabric protective masks and started looking for a certifiable solution together with our long-standing partners and suppliers. Our goal is to produce certified fabric barrier masks professionally for private individuals, freelancers and companies. For corporate clients we also offer customizable options. For the certification, we are guided by the AFNOR and EMPA standards known in the textile industry.

Which fabric is woven tightly enough?

Reserarchers are still divided on this question. According to an article in the Beobachter scientists who tested cotton fabric masks in the laboratory say they stopped 70 percent of viruses and bacteria. The virologist Alexander Kekulé is quoted as saying: "Get a simple protective mask or sew one up and wear it in public places.” He advises cotton because it is the most comfortable to wear.

Our solution: A choice of 2 fabric variants

Wearing a fabric masks becomes a personal decision. Each person will want to choose between safety standards, fit, sustainability and style.

We have therefore decided to offer a choice of 2 options:

  • 100% cotton
    This puristic choice is also suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Innovative, water-repellent solution
    For FashTech fans we have chosen an innovative solution: we use 100% cotton for the inner fabric and the functional PolyCotton with a water-repellent Hydro-Tec coating for the outer fabric.

The filters are made of 100% cotton jersey and are also washable.

How many layers or plies are the fabric masks sewn with?

Our fabric face masks are sewn with 2 layers and become 3-ply with the likewise washable filter.

For your safety it is essential to wear the fabric mask correctly and not to touch any surfaces in public areas: How-to: How to use protective masks safely.

To wear a fabric mask in public is a sign of solidarity. They can offer protection if used and cleaned appropriately. But be reminded to minimize physical contact and reduce exposure in overcrowded areas. Wearing a face mask will prevent you from touching your face and getting infected outside the home.

With the CQ protection concept, you get more than just a fabric face mask; you have a well-thought-out overall solution that makes a significant contribution to your safety and health.